The Best NFC Smart Locator ID Tags for Luggage

No matter how well we take care of our luggage, it can get lost without The World Tap, our smart NFC luggage tags, causing unnecessary headaches.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing an increased number of lost luggage across the globe. While airline companies try their best to find misplaced bags, a huge number of them remain lost forever. The World Tap smart ID NFC luggage tags are a better and more efficient option for finding your lost belongings.

Keep your luggage safe with The World Tap, our dedicated NFC suitcase locator smart tag that works efficiently without any need for app use and no batteries; it is allowed onboard by every global and local airline, making them the best luggage locators available!

Best NFC Tags for Your Belongings

If your suitcase could talk, it would say that these are the best NFC tags you can get on the market. Without the need of having to contact airline companies, our smart luggage tag enables the finder of your lost luggage to locate you with a simple tap of their smartphone. Secure, reliable, efficient, and fast, your luggage will be in the safety of your home in no time, with instant notification of the location of your lost luggage to your phone and inbox!

The Best Luggage Tags The Market Has to Offer

Unlike other similar products, the World Tap pendant’s information about the lost luggage’s owners can be accessed easily, with just one tap and a click on most mobile phones. No app installation or complicated registration is necessary.

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Our World Taps Aren't Called the Best Smart Luggage Tags for Nothing!

The Best Luggage Tags The Market Has to Offer

Our World Tap smart luggage ID tag locator comes with a handful of great features that make it suitable for every type of luggage, no matter the size.

The owner of the luggage tracker ID’s information can be simply edited online an unlimited number of times, making it a great choice for frequent travelers who use several addresses.

Privacy feature allows you to turn your World Tap “On” or “Off” as needed, protecting your contact information from misuse and turning it “On” when lost at will.

Our water-resistant smart NFC luggage tags are tough and can be a perfect fit for any situation or weather conditions.

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Simple design presents all the necessary contact information in a simple-to-read format.

High-quality molded plastics: a good luggage ID is a sturdy one.

World Tap luggage tracker uses the same NFC technology credit cards use, meaning that you simply need to tap your phone against the NFC tag to scan for contact information.