Get Your Smart World Luggage ID Tags

Make sure that your suitcases and backpacks are always safe and secure with The World Tap, our top-of-the-line smart NFC ID luggage locator tags.

Our high-quality NFC ID tags for your luggage feature all of the technological advancements which make it easy and straightforward to locate YOU, the owner of the lost belongings, eliminating all the unnecessary headaches whenever something gets lost.

Featuring one of a kind “Privacy Mode,” which allows you to turn the tapping function of your tag on or off as needed, your contact information will remain private until you make it accessible once your bag is lost.

Our sturdy, diecast smart luggage trackers aren’t just a stylish accessory but a handy tool that will help your belongings always find their way back home.

Luggage Trackers Not just Tags for Suitcases and Backpacks…

Whether you are using a suitcase, backpack, or any other type of bag, The World Tap can be used for every type of luggage. Our smart tags are perfect for your luggage, but they are so much more than that. World Tap tags help keep your belongings safe, so purchase our World Tap and stop worrying about the security of your luggage.
Use smart tags regardless of the type of your luggage. With our World Tap tags, your bag will stay safe even if it gets lost.

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Purchase The World Tap and Stop Worrying About the Safety of Your Belongings

Get your World Tap NFC tags to keep your luggage safe and stop worrying about its whereabouts. With all the benefits The World Tap smart luggage tags have to offer, your luggage security is in the best hands possible.

They are more than just NFC tags for suitcases and backpacks. You can use our smart ID tags for any type of luggage of any size.

They’re easy to use! Just tap your phone on our smart tag, and get all the information you need.


Because of the high-quality build, our tags for luggage will sustain the plane's low temperature and rough train ride.

The design is straightforward and user-friendly and allows you to set up your World Tap smart luggage tags in seconds.

All that’s left is to place your order. Simply fill out the address form below to receive your World Tap.

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The smart NFC luggage tag should have all the necessary information that enables those who find your luggage to return it to you safely. And YES, your personal information is safely stored on our servers. Additionally, The World Tap has an invaluable safety feature that allows you to turn your tag OFF and make it untappable until your bag is lost and your contact information needs to be accessible.
In our opinion, The World Tap is by far the best smart ID tag for your luggage. It’s built with high-quality and sturdy materials and uses NFC technology that makes its use simple and effective.
*Please, contact your nearest World Tap distributor for order/purchase details.
Your phone number, address, and email should all be added to your profile so the finder can return your lost luggage faster.
The smart luggage locator features high-quality and strong materials, making it a sturdy and reliable choice for everyone who would like to purchase a luggage locator. Additionally, the near-field communication or NFC features enable you to share the necessary information with the founder in case your luggage gets lost.
Essentially, any place will do as long as it’s firmly attached to your luggage and visible.